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Walker Auctions has been helping charities for more than 20 years to have the most successful fundraising auctions possible. We are professional auctioneers who do much more than show up the night of the event and conduct the live auction. Some of the areas we have been most helpful to charities include:

Provide a Dynamic Auctioneer

It just makes good financial sense to hire a professional fundraising auctioneer to conduct your live auction. It must be a frightening experience for an auction chairperson to work and plan for a year, gather great gifts as well as influential people to attend and then turn the evening over to someone who is not qualified to conduct the auction. We have the experience and knowledge to conduct your auction in a professional yet fun manner that causes the bidding to reach its maximum level. This not only assures you the greatest profit but it also provides you and your guests the atmosphere that is best suited to your well-planned event.

Walker Auctions enlists the help of 10 fundraising auctioneers located throughout the U.S. and Canada. These auctioneers were selected because of their successful track record in conducting large fundraising auctions such as yours. When you hire one of Walker Auctions' auctioneers, you still retain consultation with Terri Walker, Principal of Walker Auctions in planning your event.

References from our past auctions are available to back up our claims on proven performance!

Provide Consultation

Many times the cost of the auction fee is covered with our consultation service. When you hire Walker Auctions you are free to contact us concerning any auction matter. On a daily basis, we are on the phone, fax or e-mail with clients responding to their questions.

Consultation includes but is not limited to:

Provide Supplies

Whether you choose to use our auctioneering services or not, our auction supplies were designed to best serve any auction event.

Large Bid Numbers are a must for a live auction, and we have developed large, bold buyer numbers with the number on each side of the card. These are by far the most widely used bid numbers by the charities we serve. An auctioneer can read these numbers from the back of a very large ballroom, yet they are small enough to include in your registration packet.

Our Bid Forms were designed to be used in both the silent and live auction. They are in triplicate and carbonless paper. The forms are narrow in width so that more sheets can be placed on the silent bid tables. There are 20 bid spaces per form
Spotter Wand Lights are still the best tool available for your bid spotters to signal the auctioneer when they have a bid. These plastic coned flashlights are easily seen by the auctioneer from the back of the room and will serve you for many auctions.

Auction Tracker is by far the most popular fundraising software used by charities. This program will help you manage your entire event. It will track items, donors and buyers, help prepare catalogs, create outstanding reports, cashiers to provide continuity for next year’s chair and much, much more. Great support is provided by the developers and there have been several upgrades. If you want the best software to help you manage your successful auction, contact me for a free demo disk.

A detailed supply summary, price guide and order form are included on this website. We will be glad to send you more information about how we can help you have the most profitable auction ever.

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